Gaelic and Scots in Harmony

deasaichte le / edited by Derick S. Thomson

Department of Celtic, University of Glasgow


A selection of the papers read at the Second International Conference on the Languages of Scotland, held at the University of Glasgow in 1988. Topics include: placenames, Scots loanwords in Gaelic, 18th and 20th century Gaelic poetry, and Gaelic in the census.

OA version contains 6 papers. Printed version (available to purchase from Gaelic Books Council) contains a further 7.

ISBN: 9780903204194

clàr-innse / contents

Gaelic & Scots 1300-1600 : Some Place-Name Evidence – W.F.H.Nicolaisen

Mac Mhaighstir Alasdair’s Nature Poetry and its Sources – Derick S. Thomson

George Campbell Hay : Nationalism with a Difference – Christopher Whyte

Douglas Young and Sorley Maclean – J.Derrick McClure

Deer on the High Hills : the Elusiveness of Language in the Poetry of Iain Crichton Smith – Douglas T. Gifford

A Century on the Census : Gaelic in Twentieth Century Focus – Kenneth MacKinnon