Onomastics databases

Fife place-names

This test database represents the first step towards a fully searchable on-line database of Fife place-names, using data and analysis from the 5 volumes of The Place-Names of Fife (Simon Taylor with Gilbert Márkus; published by Shaun Tyas, Donington: 2006-2012), the last 4 volumes of which were the result of an AHRC-funded project based at the University of Glasgow (also Celtic & Gaelic).

Place-names of the Galloway Glens

This project, part of the Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership, is dedicated to exploring the heritage of Kirkcudbrightshire through its place-names. It surveyed the place-names of seven historical parishes of Kircudbrightshire which overlap with the Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership project area and made the results available via an online searchable database. The parishes in question are: Carsphairn, Dalry, Kells, Balmaclellan, Balmaghie, Parton and Crossmichael.

Saints in Scottish Place-names

Scotland’s landscape is rich in place-names incorporating names of saints (hagiotoponyms), mostly of medieval origin. These names, several thousands of them, span Scotland’s historical linguistic range, including names in Northern British (Ecclesmachan), Gaelic (Kilmacolm, Tobermory), Norse (Barra) and Scots (St Quivox, Ladykirk). This website is the result of a project, ‘Commemorations of Saints in Scottish Place-Names’, funded by a Research Project Grant from The Leverhulme Trust (2010-13) which aimed to collect these hagiotoponyms, identify the saints commemorated in them, and present them in a public, searchable database.

Eòlas nan Naomh / Early Christianity in Uist

Amasan a’ phròiseict: Gus fiosrachadh a tharraing ri chèile air na chaidh a sgrìobhadh mu Chrìostachd thràth is mheadhan-aoiseil ann an Uibhist. Tha seo a’ gabhail a-steach na fhiosraich na Lochlannaich mun Chrìostachd thràth anns na h-eileanan. Gus làraichean is ainmean-àite iomchaidh a chomharrachadh a thaobh Crìostachd thràth is mheadhan-aoiseil ann an Uibhist. Gus na naoimh a chnuasachadh an cois nan làraichean Uibhist.

Project aims. To draw together information on writings to date on the early and medieval Christianity of Uist. This includes enhancing our knowledge of the Norse witness to early Christianity in the Hebrides. To identify sites and place-names of interest for the early and medieval Christianity of Uist. To discuss the saints associated with sites in Uist.

Ainm-thìr Idhe: Ainmean-àite agus an dinimigeachd ann an Ì agus a h-àrainn

Iona’s Namescape: Place-names and their dynamics in Iona and its environs

This is a three-year project funded by the AHRC and based in Celtic & Gaelic at the University of Glasgow. The core objective of the project is a survey of the place-names of Iona and the nearby island of Staffa. This will be presented in the form of an interactive web resource in due course on this site (planned to be ready for 2022); and in the form of a volume in the Survey of Scottish Place-Name series.

We will also be researching the early records for the topography of Iona; the names of Iona’s monuments; and the relationship between Iona and Mull. A key part of our research involves trying to understand the dynamism of names and naming in Iona, both over the centuries, and among the different constituent communities who live on and interact with the island in the present.