Theses by date

2020     Paterson, Fiona E. (2020) ‘The Gael Will Come Again’: Reconstruction of a Gaelic world in the work of Neil M. Gunn and Hugh MacDiarmid. MPhil(R)

2020     Loo, Zhi-En (2020) Faireachadh is Fèin-sgrìobhadh: Late 20th century and early 21st century Scottish Gaelic autobiographies as loci of emotional practices. MRes

2020     Lind, Andrew (2020) ‘Bad and Evill Patriotts’? – Royalism in Scotland during the British Civil Wars, c.1638-1651. PhD  (covers Gaelic Scotland/Inverness burgh)

2019     Marker, Viktoria (2019) Litreachas na Gàidhlig à Sealann Nuadh. MPhil(R)

2019     Brennan, Brian (2019) A history of the Kennedy Earls of Cassillis before 1576. PhD

2018     Tuomala, Ina (2018) The perfect hybrid: interaction and integration in Cath Maige Tuired. MRes

2018     Reddy, Kathleen (2018) Ùrnaighean nan Gàidheal: text and context of Gaelic prayer in South Uist, 1880-1960. MRes

2018     Quaintmere, Max (2018) Aspects of memory in medieval Irish literature. PhD

2018     Ó Siadhail, Marcas (2018) Rannsachadh coimeasach air na h-aithrisean a rinn na h-eileanaich air trèigsinn nan eileanan ann an Èirinn agus ann an Alba anns an fhicheadamh linn. MRes

2018     Maher, Martina (2018) The death of Finn mac Cumaill. PhD (*)

2018     MacLeod, Robbie Andrew (2018) Female alterity in medieval Gaelic literature. MRes .

2018     MacKenzie, Gordon Hamilton (2018) Minority language media, status planning & linguistic attitudes in Scotland: the sociolinguistic impact of the Gaelic television channel – BBC Alba. MLitt(R)

2018     Maciver, Ruairidh Iain (2018) The Gaelic Poet and the British military experience, 1756-1856. PhD

2018     Evemalm, Sofia (2018) Theory and practice in the coining and transmission of place-names: a study of the Norse and Gaelic anthropo-toponyms of Lewis. PhD

2017     Whyte, Alasdair C. (2017) Settlement-names and society: analysis of the medieval districts of Forsa and Moloros in the parish of Torosay, Mull. PhD

2017     McQuaid, Andrew (2017) Advice for kings: an investigation into a subdivision of early Irish wisdom literature. PhD

2017     MacAilpein, Tòmas (2017) Cultar agus an comann-sòisealta ann an Ìle, mu 1890 gu 1960. PhD

2016     Ross, Susan (2016) The standardisation of Scottish Gaelic orthography 1750-2007: a corpus approach. PhD  

2016     Grant, Kevin James (2016) ‘Mo Rùn am Fearann’ – ‘My Love is the Land’: Gaelic landscapes of the 18th and 19th centuries. PhD

2016     Csonka, Veronika (2016) Compounding, preposed adjectives and intensifiers in Scottish Gaelic. PhD

2016     Crook, Alice Louise (2016) Personal naming practices in early modern Scotland: a comparative study of eleven parishes, 1680-1839. PhD

2016     Crawford, Ross Mackenzie (2016) Warfare in the West Highlands and Isles of Scotland, c. 1544-1615. PhD

2016     Crawford, Ross Mackenzie (2016) Warfare in the West Highlands and Isles of Scotland, c. 1544-1615. PhD

2016     Cochran-Yu, David Kyle (2016) A keystone of contention: the Earldom of Ross, 1215-1517. PhD

2015     Lu, Yu Tonia (2015) Lost in location: arts development and policy in rural Scotland. PhD

2015     Kelly, Jamie John (2015) The pulpit and the poet: Presbyterian, Episcopalian and Gaelic cosmologies in Scotland, 1689-c.1746. MRes

2015     Hepburn, William Stuart (2015) 17 letters to my brother: a Scottish soldier writes home. PhD (Creative Writing)

2015     Gilfedder, Mairi Therese (2015) Mediating between the past and present: changing faces of the West Coast fiddle tradition in Scotland. MMus(R)

2015     Carty, Nicola (2015) Slighean gu fileantas: an exploratory study of the nature of proficiency in adult L2 Scottish Gaelic. PhD

2014     Maclean, Coinneach (2014) The ‘Tourist Gaze’ on Gaelic Scotland. PhD

2014     Mac Leòid, Aonghas Uilleam Gearóid (2014) An dàn fada Gàidhealach – 1900-1950: sgrùdadh ioma-chuspaireil air corpas air dìochuimhne. PhD

2014     Lowdon, Richard Edward (2014) To travel by older ways: a historical-cultural geography of droving in Scotland. PhD

2014     Drummond, Peter John (2014) An analysis of toponyms and toponymic patterns in eight parishes of the upper Kelvin basin. PhD thesis, University of Glasgow.

2014     Bartlett, Niall Somhairle Finlayson (2014) The First World War and the 20th century in the history of Gaelic Scotland: a preliminary analysis. MPhil(R)

2014     Anderson, Emma Jane (2014) The South Harris machair: sources and settlements. MRes

2014     Adamson, Donald Beck (2014) Commercialisation, change and continuity: an archaeological study of rural commercial practice in the Scottish Highlands. PhD thesis

2013     Williams, Vivien Estelle (2013) The cultural history of the bagpipe in Britain, 1680-1840. PhD

2013     Novotny, Jennifer L. (2013) Sedition at the supper table: the material culture of the Jacobite wars, 1688-1760. PhD

2013     NicLeòid, Ciorstaidh (2013) Briathrachas an iasgaich ann an Eilean Bharraigh. MPhil(R)

2013     Nance, Claire (2013) Phonetic variation, sound change, and identity in Scottish Gaelic. PhD

2013     Macdonald, Iain (2013) The life and work of Fionn Mac Colla: determining a Gaelic experience. PhD

2013     Clements, Joanna (2013) The creation of “ancient” Scottish music history, 1720-1838. PhD

2012     Smith-Christmas, Cassie (2012) I’ve lost it here dè a bh’ agam: Language shift, maintenance, and code-switching in a bilingual family. PhD

2012     NicLeóid, Linda (2012) Baird agus bana-bhaird a’ Bhaile Shear thairis air an 19mh linn agus an 20mh linn: orain is dain neo-fhoillsichte agus an co-theacsa. MPhil(R)

2012     Mac Leòid, Aonghas U. G. (2012) Innis-na-Fìrinne: Dòmhnull Mac-na-Ceàrdaich (1885-1932) agus a obair fhoillsichte. MPhil(R)

2012     Eyjolfsdottir, Elin Ingibjorg (2012) The Bórama: the poetry and the hagiography in the Book of Leinster. PhD

2012     Erskine, Sarah Christine (2012) The relic cult of St Patrick between the seventh and the late twelfth centuries in its European contexts: A focus on the lives. PhD

2012     Donoho, Emily S. (2012) Appeasing the saint in the loch and the physician in the asylum: The historical geography of insanity in the Scottish Highlands and Islands, from the early modern to Victorian eras. PhD

2011     Stephen, John Rothney (2011) The Presbyterian response to the famine years 1845 to 1855 within Ireland and in the Highlands of Scotland. MLitt(R)

2011     McNiven, Peter Edward (2011) Gaelic place-names and the social history of Gaelic speakers in medieval Menteith. PhD

2011     Gray, Nathan Philip (2011) ‘A publick benefite to the nation’: the charitable and religious origins of the SSPCK, 1690-1715. PhD

2010     MacDonald, Janet C. (2010) Iona’s local associations in Argyll and the Isles, c1203-c1575. PhD

2010     Chaplin, Brian Douglas (2010) Health and wellbeing in an island community where urban style deprivation and traditional rural values interact. PhD

2009     Thomas, Sarah Elizabeth (2009) From Rome to ‘the ends of the habitable world’: the provision of clergy and church buildings in the Hebrides, circa 1266 to circa 1472. PhD

2009     McAulay, Karen E. (2009) Our ancient national airs: Scottish song collecting c.1760-1888. PhD

2009     MacDonald, Iain Gerard (2009) The secular Church and clergy in the Diocese of Argyll from circa 1189 to 1560. PhD

2009     Kuehns, Julia Sophie (2009) The pre-19th-century manuscript tradition and textual transmission of the Early Modern Irish tale Oidheadh Con Culainn: a preliminary study. PhD

2009     James, Heather Frances (2009) Medieval rural settlement: a study of Mid-Argyll, Scotland. PhD

2008     O’Grady, Oliver J.T. (2008) The setting and practice of open-air judicial assemblies in medieval Scotland: a multidisciplinary study. PhD

2008     MacKenzie, Niall Gordon (2008) Chucking buns across the fence? Governmental planning and regeneration projects in the Scottish Highland economy, 1945-82. PhD

2008     MacKenzie, Niall Gordon (2008) Chucking buns across the fence? Governmental planning and regeneration projects in the Scottish Highland economy, 1945-82. PhD

2007     Harris-Logan, Stuart A. (2007) Nuair a bha Gaidhlig aig na h-eoin : an investigation into the art and artifice of avifaunal mimesis as a mode of artistic expression in Gaelic oral culture from the seventeenth century to the present. MPhil(R)

2007     Butter, Rachel (2007) Cill- names and saints in Argyll: a way towards understanding the early church in Dál Riata? PhD

2006     Worthing, Katherine Genevieve (2006) The landscape of clearance: changing rural life in nineteenth-century Scottish painting. PhD

2006     Morrison, Marion Fiona (2006) A’ Chiad Ghinealach: The experience of Gaelic medium education in the Western Isles. MLitt(R)

2006     MacLeod, Anne Margaret (2006) The idea of antiquity in visual images of the Highlands and Islands c.1700-1880. PhD

2006     French, Craig F. (2006) The 51st (Highland) Division during the First World War. PhD

2005     Zumbuhl, Mark Joseph (2005) The practice of Irish kingship in the Central Middle Ages. PhD

2005     Raven, John A. (2005) Medieval landscapes and lordship in South Uist. PhD

2005     Kuehns, Julia Sophie (2005) An edition and translation of the Agallamh Bheag from the Book of Lismore. MPhil(R)

2004     Stephen, John Rothney (2004) Challenges posed by the geography of the Scottish Highlands to ecclesiastical endeavour over the centuries. PhD

2004     Doogan, Brian (2004) A social and economic history of the Blackmount Deer Forest, Argyllshire, 1815-1900. PhD

2003     Haggart, Craig (2003) The céli Dé and ecclesiastical government in Ireland in the eighth and ninth centuries. PhD

2002     Lelong, Olivia Cavaroc (2002) Writing people into the landscape: approaches to the archaeology of Badenoch and Strathnave. PhD

2002     Johnston-Smith, D. J (2002) “Barbarous, and yet mixed with some shew of civilitie:” The Clan MacFarlane of North Loch Lomondside c.1570-1800. MPhil(R)

2002     Hooper, Janet (2002) A landscape given meaning: an archaeological perspective on landscape history in Highland Scotland. PhD

2002     Epperson, Amanda (2002) “I wish they were all here”: Scottish Highlanders in Ohio 1802-1840. PhD

2001     Innes, Sìm Roy (2011) Cràbhachd do Mhoire Òigh air a’ Ghàidhealtachd sna meadhan-aoisean anmoch, le aire shònraichte do Leabhar Deadhan Lios Mòir. PhD

2000     Dalglish, Chris (2000) Rural settlement in the age of reason: an archaeology of the southern Scottish Highlands from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries A.D. PhD

1997     Mouhoubi, Rabirha (1997) A comparative study of a minority language for teaching purposes : Kabyl Tamazight as a case study. PhD

1996     Lodge, Christine (1996) The clearers and the cleared: women, economy and land in the Scottish Highlands 1800-1900. PhD

1996     Fenyo, Krisztina (1996) Contempt, sympathy and romance’: lowland perceptions of the Highlands and the clearances during the famine years, 1845-1855. PhD

1995     Mackillop, Andrew (1995) Military recruiting in the Scottish Highalnds 1739-1815: the political, social and economic context. PhD

1994     Maclean, Roderick Gilmour (1994) A Comparative Study Investigating Education and Language Policy in Scotland (With Respect to Gaelic) and Israel (With Respect to Hebrew). PhD

1994     MacDonald, Fiona Anne (1994) Ireland and Scotland: Historical Perspectives on the Gaelic Dimension 1560-1760. PhD

1994     Frater, Anne Catherine (1994) Scottish Gaelic women’s poetry up to 1750. PhD

1994     Armstrong, Bruce (1994) Wha’s like us ? Racism and racialisation in the imagination of nineteenth century Scotland. PhD

1992     Cameron, Ewen Archibald (1992) Public Policy in the Scottish Highlands: Governments, Politics and the Land Issue, 1886 to the 1920s. PhD

1992     Cameron, Ewen Archibald (1992) Public Policy in the Scottish Highlands: Governments, Politics and the Land Issue, 1886 to the 1920s. PhD

1991     Whyte, Christopher (1991) William Livingston/Uilleam Macdhunleibhe (1808-70): a survey of his poetry and prose. PhD

1989     Grigor, Iain Fraser (1989) Crofters and the Land Question, 1870-1920. PhD

1989     Fraser, Anne (1989) Gaelic in primary education: a study of the development of Gaelic bilingual education in urban contexts. PhD

1989     Black, James Stuart (1989) The Role of Business Services in Regional Development: The Case of the Scottish Highlands. PhD

1988     McGeachy, Robert A. A (1988) Aspects of Commerce, Community and Culture: Argyll 1730-1850. MLitt(R)

1987     Cox, Richard Anthony Victor (1987) Place-Names of the Carloway Registry, Isle of Lewis. PhD

1986     Preston, Brian William (1986) The Settlement of Scottish Immigrants in Nova Scotia, 1770-1830. PhD

1986     Doran, Wendy J (1986) Bishop Thomas Nicolson and the Roman Catholic Mission to Scotland, 1694-1718. MLitt(R)

1985     Morrison, Alexander (1985) Rural settlement in the Scottish Highlands, 1750-1850: a comparative study of Lochtayside and Assynt. PhD

1985     Crawford, Alexander (1985) Alcohol Drinking Behaviour and Attitudes in Three Areas of Britain With Different Official Rates of Problem Drinking. PhD

1984     Nieke, Margaret R. (1984) Settlement patterns in the Atlantic province of Scotland in the lst millennium A.D. : a study of Argyll. PhD

1984     McCleery, Alison Margaret (1984) The role of the Highland Development Agency: With particular reference to the work of the Congested Districts Board 1897-1912. PhD

1981     Gee, Paul R (1981) Regional development agencies : Origins, theory and practice. MPhil(R)

1979     Harding, Albert William (1979) Sgoilean Chriosd 1811-1861: a study of the Edinburgh Society for the support of Gaelic schools. MLitt(R)

1979     Graham, Barbara (1979) Lowland Reaction to the ’45 Rebellion With Particular Relation to the Estates of Lord Kilmarnock. MLitt(R)

1976     O’Sullivan, Helen Jane Theresa (1976) Developments in love poetry in Irish, Welsh, and Scottish Gaelic, before 1650. MLitt(R)

1969     MacLeod, Donald John (1969) Twentieth century Gaelic literature: a description, comprising critical study and a comprehensive bibliography. PhD

1962     Storrie, Margaret Cochrane (1962) Landholdings, land utilisation and settlement in certain isolated areas of Western Scotland, with special reference to two areas of the West Highland seaboard in the Island of Islay in the Inner Hebrides,and the Peninsula of Ardnamurchan and Sunart in northern mainland Argyll. PhD